Tips on how to stay safe this Christmas during coronavirus

With Christmas around the corner and the temporary loosening of the coronavirus restrictions in the UK, doctors are advising people on how to stay safe during the festive period.


Under the temporary restrictions, up to 3 households can meet indoors for a total of 5 days, giving people a rest bite from this year’s events and a chance to share Christmas with loved ones, but with coronavirus still ever-present in our communities, we must practice good hygiene practices to try to prevent the spread over the winter months.


Doctors have warned that the loosening of restrictions could lead to a significant rise in infection and are advising people to restrict contact with loved ones. People are being to be advised to meet people outdoors as much as possible and are being urged to rethink the traditions around the holiday.

covid christmas

Reduce social contact on the run-up to the big day

If you will be celebrating with the elderly or vulnerable reducing social contact before the holiday helps prevent you from catching the virus.

Keep your space well ventilated

Open windows and doors where applicable to ventilate the room when you are gathering with your bubble. You can also use air purifiers to clean the air within your home. Taking these steps will help to reduce the spread.

Wash hands regularly

Hand hygiene is so important, we touch our faces with our hands subconsciously constantly, now more than ever is a time to remember to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

Wear a Mask

If you are visiting family or friends within your 3 household bubble where a mask when possible, it’s been proven that wearing a mask can prevent infected people from passing on the virus via droplets from the nose and mouth.

Keep your distance

Sit far away from members who are not in your household if possible. Keeping your social distance will help reduce the spread of infection.

Clean down surfaces

Viruses can live on surfaces for long periods, keep surfaces and door handles clean with disinfectant to kill viruses that could be present.

Although this year’s Christmas will certainly be different, it is important to remember Christmas is about showing you care and nothing says you care more than helping to keep everyone safe during the winter months, what every your plans stay safe and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.